Healthy food, naturally!

The Food Nut, Blog 3.

Today I thought I would tell you more about me and my interest in food. I am lucky, my mother was a huge influence on me. She worked full time but always cooked a family meal from scratch every evening. She was interested in food and an excellent cook. We had lots of home grown vegetables, local eggs, meat from the butcher in the village. I can remember home made soups, stews, roast beef and lamb, apple puddings and custard, fruit cake….We were certainly not wealthy but she was economical and efficient.

Of course I’m biased and think my mother was the best, but most of my friends ate the same style of food, seasonal, fresh, maybe something shop bought ‘for a treat’ once a week.

I’m 61 years old so my food memories and observations go back a long way. Recently I found some school photos, netball team, hockey team etc. The interesting thing that you notice is that everybody is so slim. We all ate three meals a day, I remember I liked the school lunches, particularly the puddings. The meals were cooked in the school kitchens.

I watch the decline in both children and adults state of health with sadness. As times change, and the pace of life becomes faster, and food becomes faster, we are becoming larger and slower.

We have forgotten what being in a state of wellness feels like. People accept headaches, stomachaches, joint pains, skin irritations as a normal part of life. Feeling tired all the time, poor sleep, all this is not normal. Our bodies are designed better, we are designed to perform efficiently.

Listen to your body, it’s trying to give you a message. We have wonderful powers of regeneration and healing, but give yourself a chance, be kind to your body.

Look back 50 years, study old films and books. Do you look slim, fit, with clear skin? What can you change today that will make you feel better? We haven’t changed, we have changed our diets and lifestyle dramatically.

Make one dramatic decision today – for example – no more refined sugar for a whole month. Then after 4 weeks honestly assess how you look and feel. Give yourself a treat! You will look and feel a new person!

I read a lot of articles by respected doctors and scientists, and cookery books are my favourite reading. There are lots of conflicting opinions out there but I have found that plotting my own path through this minefield works well for me. Listening to your body takes practice, but you will become tuned in quicker than you think.

I’m anticipating that you may have some unpleasant side effects for the first few days of going sugar free. This is probably because you are accidentally stopping a lot of chemicals and additives if you are stopping drinking coke, eating meals out of boxes and store bought cake. ( don’t swap for artificial sweetener). So at the moment you’re not very happy, stick it out.

My next prediction – after 4 weeks you won’t be attracted to the treats you previously loved. However if you are tempted to try one of your old favourites I bet you get a headache or feel sick. Good your body is talking to you, so listen!

Today I would like to add a casserole recipe that really shows you how fast home cooking can be. I shall call it Mediterranean Chickpea and Prawns.

2 leeks, chopped. ( I use leeks for 2 reasons. First onions make my mascara run, and secondly my kitchen is open plan and I think leeks smell better. But a large onion would be good).
3 celery sticks, chopped
I red pepper

Pack of mushrooms, cleaned and chopped Tin or jar of chickpeas, rinsed
2 packs of prawns, rinsed
Tin of chopped tomatoes

2 spoons of tomato purée
Generous mixed herbs,
Some fresh basil
Himalayan salt ( just because I like it) Black pepper

Soften the first 3 ingredients in coconut oil ( I use a wok )
Add mushrooms and then remaining ingredients, bring up to boil then simmer for 20-30 mins Add fresh basil.
Serve with lightly boiled or stir fried courgetti.

So quick and easy and the leftovers taste good the next day!
Just looked at my photo. It looks as if I might have thrown some spinach in too…


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