Diet and Nutrition, one of my favourite subjects!

I am an ex nurse who is fascinated by health and maintaining our bodies in the best state possible.


New Year has inspired me to write my first ever blog!

I am an ex nurse who is fascinated by health and maintaining our bodies in the best state possible. I am not a scientist or nutritionist, but have been reading and thinking about the subject for as long as I can remember.

I have decided it may be helpful not to be scientific because it’s easier to keep things simple. The food industry is a huge money making concern. So is the diet industry – so it suits them for us to think it’s complicated. We’ve seen it all, 5/2, cabbage soup, meal replacement, calorie counting, low carb, high protein on and on and on…..

Let’s step back and remember how we are designed. The human body is a wonderful machine, working in synch automatically. We have evolved over the millennia to choose and digest the right food nutrients for optimum performance. I believe that our food/fuel has changed so rapidly over the last 60 years that our bodies simply cannot change quickly enough to cope. Evolution moves at a much slower pace.

Our poor systems don’t have a clue how to process flavour enhancers, colours…. However food scientists understand very well what to add that makes the pleasure centres in our brain very happy and want more! We literally become addicted.

My suggestion to you is going to sound very dramatic, and maybe it is but I recommend it to you because the results will be dramatic.

Don’t diet! However I would like you to eat nothing that comes in a packet ( that has more than one ingredient in it, i.e. Pasta, Rice.) no tomato ketchup etc. Also no refined sugar.

Sounds tough? Do this for 4 weeks and you will be amazed how easy it becomes and how well you feel.

I’m going to finish today’s blog with a treat for you, we all deserve treats. I was recommended this recipe by a friend on Facebook, it is from Dr Joseph Mercola.


1 large sweet potato, boiled and mashed
½ cup smooth nut butter
2tbsp maple syrup
¼ cup cacao powder

Melt butter and syrup
Mix all ingredients together

Bake in a square tin for 20 minutes at 180C

Enjoy one with your coffee break.

Very best wishes for your healthiest New Year ever,

The Food Nut.

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